Wine and dinner

Wine and food at Vino & Tapas
Special wine tasting and dinner.

On 3/30/12 (Friday) at 19:30 pm
Vino & Tapas and Villa Yustina will present

1.Traminer Prima 2010
2.Rose Premiere 2011
3.Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
4.Mavrud and Rubin Monogram 2008

1.Salad with tiger prawns, mango and pineapple dressing
2.Bruschetta mix
-with arugula and cherry tomatoes
-with tomatoes and olives
-with mushrooms and basil
3.Chili con Carne
/ vegetarian main dish: Ratatouille /
4.Lent pancake with fresh strawberries

The price for a dinner is 35 lev
Phone for reservations: 0878 410 930

March 30, 19.30h.
Dondukov 38, Sofia, Bulgaria