Wine evening 13.01.2012

Wine and food at Vino & Tapas
Argentinian wines Salentein

On 13/01/2012 (Friday) at 19:30 pm

Vino & Tapas and Salentein winery
will present

Wines Salentein Reserve:
1.Chardonnay 2011
2.Malbec 2010
3.Pinot Noir 2010
4.Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

..And the menu:
1.Vegetable soup with tomato concasse and feta cheese
2.Rice snacks with smoked cheese
3.Lamb roast with chips leeks and celery
4.Chocolate souffle with chili and mint pesto

If interested please call 0878 410 930 to reserve a table.
Wine and food at Vino & Tapas with Salentein winery

january 13 @ 7.30 pm
Dondukov 38, Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel. 0878 410 930
Cover: 39 lv